Lightning Strike: Ending the Era of Slow Electric Motorcycle Charging


A major objection of electric motorcycle ownership has always been slow charging – often requiring many hours and limiting all-day riding and long distance touring ability. With the upcoming launch of the all-new Strike, Lightning intends to put an end to the era of slow electric motorcycle charging.

In line with this goal, Strike features the standardized Combined Charging System (CCS) enabling Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 charging from a single charge port. CCS not only provides Strike owners with maximum charging speed, but also the flexibility and convenience of charging anywhere.

Level 1 – Home Charging: Wake Up Everyday to a Full Charge

A significant benefit of electric vehicle ownership is the convenience of plugging in at home and waking up everyday to a full charge. With an included charge cable, Strike owners can plug into any 110v household outlet to fully charge overnight.

Level 2 – On-The-Go: Widespread Charging Network Access

The vast majority of public charging stations in the United States are J1772 Level 2 chargers found at many shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, workplaces and urban areas. With Strike’s standard CCS charge port, owners have access to the ubiquitous J1772 network and can conveniently charge their bikes on-the-go.

Level 3 – Ultra Fast DC Charging: 100+ Miles of Range in 20 minutes

Whether riding hard all day or long distance, Strike owners will not be slowed down by charging speed. Using CCS Level 3 DC fast charging, Strike is capable of recharging over 100 miles of range in just 20 minutes.

Full Strike product details and unveiling will take place at the official Strike launch this month. With an ultra competitive starting price of $12,998, Strike offers more design, performance, range and technology than any other electric motorcycle in its segment – without exception.


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About Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles manufactures the highest performing and most advanced electric motorcycles in the world. Our halo product, LS-218, pushes the boundaries of what is possible for an electric superbike.

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