1. Terry Scott

    Please come to anywhere in Oklahoma. The NE has lots of twisting roads, the Central region has Urban centers, The southern region has combination of flat and hilly roads and lots of really cool people!

  2. mario

    would like a test ride of the LS 218

  3. Martin Gottschalk

    Washington DC metro area including suburban Maryland (e.g. Bethesda) and Northern Virginia (e.g. Alexandria).

  4. Noel Peterson

    I tipped my toe into the electric motorcycles with the Zero FXS. I have 4 other ICE bikes and have not started any of them for over a year! Since then I have started converting mini-bikes (pit bikes) to electric and I am also currently converting a my ’01 F4i to electric and will be taking it to the Bonneville Salt Flats. I don’t anticipate reaching 218 but I do hope to get past 200mph.

  5. Hunter Kerley

    Do a test ride near Atlantic City, lower population area and easy chance to get into the most densely populated state for business

  6. Matt

    Boulder, CO!

  7. Scott Gooch

    Sturgis South Dakota is where you should do a test ride. The biggest motorcycle rally in the world, just guessing.

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