How do I invest in Lightning Motorcycles?

You can easily invest in our offering online using our secure investment portal, please take the following steps:
  1. Navigate to Lightning investment portal (
  2. Sign up if this is your first time using this portal or Log into your account if you already have an account.
  3. Enter the amount that you want to invest.
  4. Carefully read the investment process instructions. If you don’t have questions, click on “I Understand”.
  5. Enter your contact information. If you have an existing account, please verify the contact information is correct.
  6. Enter the name that you want to use to issue the stock
  7. Per regulation, you need to disclose if you invested in other 4(a)(6) offerings in the past 12 months, please input that number, otherwise enter 0 (Zero).
  8. Enter or update your net worth and annual income.
  9. Select investment payment method and complete the payment process.
  10. When payment is completed, you will receive the investment receipt via email.