Lightning Featured In Project Impossible On The History Channel

Sep 26, 2018, Lightning Motorcycle

LIGHTNING and THUNDER — Electricity vs. Gasoline

Oct 25, 2017, Lightning Motorcycle

First Test for Lightning’s new LS-2?? RR Hyper Bike

July 18, 2017, Lightning Motorcycle

As Good As IS NOT Good Enough

February 20, 2017, Lightning Motorcycle

Records Improve The Breed By Moto-Magazine 

September 22, 2015, Lightning Motorcycle

A Striking Machine Lightning LS-218 – Review by Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine

September 15, 2015, Lightning Motorcycle

Lightning Motorcycle Story – Breaking The Battery Barrier!

April 30, 2015, Lightning Motorcycle

World’s First Electric Street Legal Superbike Delivered!

November 11, 2014, Lightning Motorcycle

Richard Hatfield Interview at Hillsborough Concours: LS-218 Features and Design

July 20th, 2014, Lightning Motorcycle

The Department of Transportation Visits Lightning

June 11th, 2014, Lightning Motorcycle

Unveiling the Lightning Superbike LS-218

May 11th, 2014, Lightning Motorcycle

Lightning VIN #0001 – EV World Interview

December 27th, 2013, EV World

Lightning Nominated Race Engine Of The Year

October 25th, 2013, Lightning Motorcycle

Interview with Richard Hatfield, Lightning Motorcycle and Winner at Pikes Peak 2013

July 5th, 2013, Car News Cafe

Lightning Beats The World Best Gas Motorcycles at PPIHC

July 3rd, 2013, Lightning Motorcycle

Historic First In Era Of Revolution of Electric Transportation

June 29th, 2013, Lightning Motorcycle

Speed of Light – An article about Lightning on Charged EV Magazine

Jan/Feb issue, 2013, Charged EV Magazine

A CBS local (Good Day Sacramento) interview about our Solar Bikes

Dec 7th 2012, CBS local

A KQED special on our company

Dec 3rd 2012, KQED

Lightning Wins Le Mans With Duhamel

Sep 9th 2012, Torque News

Miguel Duhamel to Ride for Lightning

Sep 5th 2012,

Best Electric Motorcycle

Aug 24th 2012,

Turning the sportbike world upside down…with electricity!

Aug 23rd 2012,

Barracuda-Lightning Wins at The Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix with a Solar-Powered SuperBike

Jul 30th 2012, Barracuda Networks

Lightning Electric Superbike vs. BMW S1000RR

Feb 29th 2012, Asphalt & Rubber


Aired February 4, 2012 , CNN Morning News

Lightning Electric Motocycle Goes Over 200 MPH for 18 Cents

Feb 4th 2012, Green Market

World’s Fastest Electric – Lightning Motorcycles

January 12, 2012, Motorcycle USA

Fastest electric motorcycle tops 200 mph for world record

Aug 28, 2011 ,, Energy & Green Tech

Lightning Motorcycle SuperBike Sets World Speed Record

Aug 26, 2011 , Complex

Lightning Motorcycles risks neck for an extra 10 MPH on the Flying Banana

Aug 25, 2011 , Engadget

Lightning Motorcycles raises land speed record to 215.960 mph, starts taking orders

Aug 24, 2011 , Autobloggreen

Lightning Motorcycles electric bike with Remy motor cracks 200 mph

Aug 17, 2011 , Green Car Congress

Powered by Remy Motor, Lightning Motorcycles First Electric Bike to Break 200mph

Aug 16, 2011, The Business Journal

Lightning Motorcycles hit new land speed record for electric bikes

Aug 16, 2011 , Ubergizmo

Bonneville: Lightning Motorcycles Becomes the First Electric Motorcycle to Break 200 MPH

Aug 13, 2011 , Asphalt & Rubber

Ener1 Batteries to Power Lightning Motorcycles

Jul 29, 2011 , Motorcycle-USA

Riding Lightning Motorcycles – Motorcyclist Magazine

Jan 2010 , Motorcyclist Online

Land Speed Records #2



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