Redefining the Future of Transportation: Netcapital Extends Lightning Motorcycle Campaign

We’re excited to announce Netcapital’s approval to extend our campaign! We believe in the power of a strong community: Investors can play a pivotal role in propelling our mission forward.


Keep in mind we’re not just crafting electric motorcycles; we are reshaping the very concept of what a two-wheeler can be. Transcending traditional norms, Lightning Motorcycle offers riders an exhilarating, eco-friendly, and high-performance riding experience. 


Compelling reasons for your inclusion in this exciting endeavor:


Two-wheelers form an indispensable component of the global transportation network, especially in regions like China, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. In the fiscal year 2021 alone, a staggering 45 million units were sold, underscoring the immense demand for these vehicles.


While electric two-wheelers currently represent a fraction of the market, Lightning Motorcycle is poised to spearhead the electric revolution. Electric two-wheelers are projected to account for 30% of the global market by 2030, encompassing a remarkable 13.5 million units. (Source: McKinsey)

Join the Eco-Friendly Riding Revolution Today!

By investing in Lightning Motorcycle, you’re playing a crucial role in the adoption of electric motorcycles! There has been a massive influx of demand, with a 50–70% increase in power sports purchases. (Source: Webbikeworld). For those interested in learning more, visit Netcapital