Lightning strike: engineered for the track. Designed for the street

Lightning Strike: Engineered for the Track. Designed for the Street.

Lightning has spent years of focused effort developing electric motorcycle technology to compete head-on with the best gas bikes in the world. Now we’re bringing everything we’ve learned into volume production with the all-new Lightning Strike.

Based on the architecture and innovation in the Lightning LS-218 Superbike, Strike’s motor is fully liquid-cooled and engineered for track-ready performance. As far as we’re aware, LS-218 is currently the only electric motorcycle in the world with the technology and ability run flat-out at qualifying racing speed, pull in for a pit stop to fast charge and continue racing – all without ever overheating. Strike shares these exclusive performance characteristics while being fundamentally designed to be the ultimate street bike.

RESERVE STRIKE. Stay tuned for the full Strike unveiling at the official launch this March.



Lightning Motorcycles manufactures the highest performing and most advanced electric motorcycles in the world. Our halo product, LS-218, pushes the boundaries of what is possible for an electric superbike by setting land speed records and winning the most competitive motorcycle races in the world.

Lightning was founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley with the mission of building two-wheel electric vehicles with superior performance, efficiency and affordability than current gasoline alternatives. Lightning is dedicated to developing highly advanced products that will attract new motorcycle riders based on ease of operation, accessible performance and superior rider experience.

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