Redefining the Future of Transportation: Netcapital Extends Lightning Motorcycle Campaign

We’re excited to announce Netcapital’s approval to extend our campaign! We believe in the power of a strong community: Investors can play a pivotal role in propelling our mission forward.   Keep in mind we’re not just crafting electric motorcycles; we are reshaping the very concept of what a two-wheeler can be. Transcending traditional norms, […]

What Sets Lightning Electric Motorcycle Apart?

Part I: Lightning electric motorcycle has a different strategy and goals The recent article by Auto Influence reported that the electric motorcycle market is still in its infancy. It is due to the legacy motorcycle OEMs are still waiting on the sidelines. The article continued to describe how Lightning motorcycle’s strategy is different from the […]

Lightning motorcycles officially opening us reservations for all-new strike

  OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – JANUARY 24, 2019 Lightning Motorcycles, manufacturer of the world’s most advanced electric motorcycles, is officially accepting reservations for the recently announced Lightning Strike – the world’s first premium mass-market electric motorcycle. Based on an unexpectedly high number of customer requests received after the initial Strike announcement, Lightning is now allowing US […]

Lightning strike: engineered for the track. Designed for the street

Lightning has spent years of focused effort developing electric motorcycle technology to compete head-on with the best gas bikes in the world. Now we’re bringing everything we’ve learned into volume production with the all-new Lightning Strike. Based on the architecture and innovation in the Lightning LS-218 Superbike, Strike’s motor is fully liquid-cooled and engineered for track-ready […]

Lightning Motorcycles hit new land speed record for electric bikes

We do know that electric vehicles are starting to catch on, but there is still the issue of making sure the battery can last for more than 200 miles. Well, Lightning Motorcycles focuses on, as you can tell by its name, motorcycles, and one of their models actually achieved a new land speed record for […]

Bonneville: Lightning Motorcycles Becomes the First Electric Motorcycle to Break 200 MPH

We just got a phone call from Richard Hatfield of Lightning Motorcycles saying that the “Flying Banana Mk. II” just put down a 205.238 mph pass at the Southern California Timing Associations’ Speed Week at Bonneville. This pass makes Lightning the first electric motorcycle manufacturer/competitor ever to break the 200 mph mark, whether it be on […]

Lightning wins le mans with duhamel

Miguel Duhamel has officially joined the team and thanked them with a first-place win at the Le Mans TTXGP/FIM e-Power International Championship this week in France. Duhamel finished the race in just eight laps clocking in at 1:49.200. Duhamel ran the fastest bike on the track at yesterday’s practice round, 1.634 seconds faster than the […]

Electric Bonneville superbike revealed aiming to break world land speed record

A new all-electric superbike has been developed using a ground-breaking material with the goal to attempt to make history by breaking the world land speed record at speeds in excess of 250mph. The electric superbike, called the Tachyon Nb, has been developed by Lightning Motorcycles, known for its work in the e-mobility industry and electric […]

Commercialize a Breakthrough Battery with Enevate for Electric Motorcycles

ENEVATE AND LIGHTNING MOTORCYCLES PARTNER TO COMMERCIALIZE A BREAKTHROUGH BATTERY FOR AN ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE THAT CHARGES NEARLY AS FAST AS FILLING A GAS TANK  The High-Performance motorcycle charged in less than 10 minutes for an additional 132 miles  Motorcycle battery charged at 400 amps, charge rate nearing 5c which is almost 5x conventional ev batteries Demo completed utilizing […]